Knee Conditions

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee

With numerous advancements happening in the field of orthopedics, stem cell therapy is gaining attention with its advantages over traditional orthopedic treatments. Stem cell therapy helps to reduce knee pain and promotes knee cartilage regeneration & repair. Over the past two decades, numerous research papers have been published regarding the potential of stem cells in knee cartilage regeneration.

The regeneration capacity of stem cells has paved the way for novel regenerative therapies in the field of orthopedics. The stem cell treatment for the knee repairs the damaged knee cartilage with the help of the patient’s own biological cells. The stem cell procedure can be completed without an incision on the skin. Regenerative stem cell therapy for knee cartilage is the most effective non-surgical treatment option for knee conditions, such as meniscus tear & cartilage damage leading to knee pain and knee arthritis. Also, stem cell therapy stands as an effective alternative to knee replacement surgery.

Understanding the use of stem cells

Stem cells, also known as the master cells, are the specialized cells that can develop into different cell types in the body. Stem cells have a unique potential to repair, regenerate, and restore healthy tissue. This enhances their ability to be used in the treatment of various diseases and medical conditions. Stem cells can differentiate into bone, muscle, cartilage, ligament or tendon. The stem cells secrete a protein called cytokines that plays a significant role in tissue repair.

Stem cells maintain the integrity of the tissue in which they are present. The clinical advantages of bone-marrow-derived stem cells help in the treatment of ligament tear and tendon repair in chronic orthopedic conditions. The application of stem cells in non-surgical orthopedic treatments enables faster regeneration of the cartilage tissue. The cartilage defects can be repaired by a concentrated form of bone-marrow-derived stem cells by administering them into the damaged tissue.

Stem cells for cartilage repair

The joint cartilage promotes the easy movement of the joint surfaces and cushions the bone from friction. Stem cell therapy for the knees heals the tissue by controlling the damage and preventing the death of the cartilage tissue.

Stem cell clinical trials for knees are one of the most happening stem cell research in the field of orthopedics. Stem cells enable the regeneration of healthy cartilage tissue and are an effective alternative to knee replacement.

With the promising benefits of stem cells, various clinics across the world are providing stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. The stem cell treatment for knee osteoarthritis enables the regeneration of healthy cartilage tissue in the damaged part of the knee.

Over the past few years, a significant number of patients have benefited from stem cell therapy. Stem cells worked well in patients who anticipated regeneration of knee cartilage in case of conditions, such as knee arthritis and a torn meniscus. Also, stem cell therapy helped to improve the range of motion in people who suffered from arthritis of the knee. Many athletes could avoid surgery for a torn meniscus and are highly satisfied with the significant results that they obtained from stem cell therapy.

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