Dr.Atul M Bhardwaj

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Sourav Mohanty

It's been a brilliant experience with Dr. Atul Bhardwaj ji. Given the pain and complex muscle group involved in the shoulder joint, I was apprehensive about the outcome. However, Dr. Atul effortlessly explained the condition while recommending a suitable non-invasive course of action which has been a huge relief. His energy and ability to connect at a personal level certainly made the experience memorable.

Rohit Chaddha

I never thought I would be finally able to motivate my mother in doing her knee replacement surgery until I met Dr. Atul Bhardwaj. Starting from listening and attending to all my queries regarding surgery with patience to eliminating her fears of getting operated on, he helped and motivated her throughout her entire journey of surgery and even after it.

Sumit Kansal

Dr. Atul is better than I could have ever hoped for. He took excellent care of my back pain patiently and now I am perfectly fit and fine. I refer anyone who asks me to him.

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